Each line on the clock face is a year, coloured to show the average temperature. 1884 (bottom) 2018 (top).
Data credit: UK Met Office. Picture credit: Jacq Ford, website ‘Look What Jacq Made’.

Want to take action on climate change? Not sure what to do?

Here’s a simple idea: take part in this one minute strike, 11am, every Thursday

  • Just stop wherever you are, and spend one minute imagining a better future.
  • On social media? Post or tweet “At #11thHourForClimate let’s #ImagineFor1Minute” at some time every Thursday, week on week; the ‘hashtags’ get counted. You are welcome to say more! Share what you imagined during your minute? 
Credit: J. J. Kitchen #Art4Activism

Why? Doing our bit is good but not enough. Widespread change is needed. Together we can give strength to governments so that they act.

Want to help spread the word? Speak to family friends and colleagues – for more ideas see Spreading the word.

Nervous about raising the subject? See why it is important here. There are also some links on this References page to mainsteam organisations – UK Met Office, Nasa, National Geographic and others, that might give you courage.

If you’d like something to ‘hand out’, contact us and we’ll send you some ‘paper postcards’. Alternatively you could print your own: we have put into Resources our leaflet, flyer, paper postcard and poster for you to download and use.

See where people are striking around the world – yellow pins, thanks to https://fridaysforfuture.org

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